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Our passion is to help guide our clients  though the "what if" in life-to help them GROW AND PROTECT their assets, their Treasure, and to help them avoid, or mitigate, the bumps in the road that they may encounter.as they plan for the future.

  • Life insurance will protect the family if something happens to the bread winner
  • Critical Illness and Long Term Care can protect the family from catastrophic Medical costs.
  • What if that truck that hits you doesn't kill you but disables you? Who will pat the mortgage? Disability insurance can be a wise investment. It is something to consider. If your company offers it, take it, but just remember that it probably only covers you while at work. A supplemental  policy could be an inexpensive guard. 
  • New insurance tools can protect your retirement funds from large market losses and potentially save you thousands in income taxes. Properly done, the alternative to  the IRA or 401k will give you more TAX FREE retirement income. It's never too early to start saving for retirement!

You have auto insurance to protect your investment in the car. You have homeowner's insurance to protect your investment in your home. Why not have the proper insurance tools to protect your family and retirement?


There are so many different types of insurance policies to choose from, it is very important to choose the type of insurance that will satisfy your needs not just for now, but into the future. You may need some life insurance and you think term will address your immediate needs, but don't get caught up in cheap short term policies. You may need insurance longer than you think and it is less expensive to buy a little longer term than to try to get a second short term policy  that will be needed down the road. Permanent insurance will never be less expensive than it is right now. Sometimes the best answer is to get some term and some permanent. 

There are some cash value insurance  policies that grow in death benefit as the cash value grows, and you can access the cash value at any time (tax free) ( you don't have to wait until your 50 1/2 years old, as you do in an IRA or 401k) and you can pay it back or not, your choice! You are in control!

Make a comparison of plans. Make sure that you understand the pros and cons of each possible policy.

For example, Life insurance term policies are less expensive, but you have nothing at the end of the term. Term policies with guaranteed return of premium, are about twice as exepensive as regular term, but you get back (without interest) all the money you put in, so that you will have some savings. Some cash value policies have great upside potential with guarantees of no market losses, however are more expensive. But your money grows with good rates of return, and can be accessed tax free at any time. Also, some policies offer help with chronic or critical illnesses should that need occure.

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