There are two sets of tax rules: One for the educated another for the rest!

The 401k and the IRA are for the rest. The alternative is for the educated. Learn how you can join the educated to get more after tax income, never lose a nickel regardless of markets, avoid income taxes in retirement, and NEVER run out of money!

Do you worry about market crashes?

Don't. With the 401k alternative you never lose money. Over time, the 401k will outperform the market.

Never worry about running out of income in retirement

Your 401 alternatie will NEVER run out of money if built properly. That's our job, to show you how to save on taxes and fees, and enjoy a good income even if you live to be 110!


Why the 301k should be retired!

Questions about the 401k alternative

Why should the 401k be retired?

  1. If you remember what happened in 2007 and 2008 the market crashed and many 401K owners lost large parts of their retirement money. Many pre retirees had to postpone retirement
  2. You pay lots more income tax. Let's say a 35 year old put away $6000 dollars for 30 years. He would have deferred (NOT saved) $180,000 dollars. With decent gains, his retirement funds will have grown to 5 or 6 hundread  thousand dollars. Now he and his heirs have sooner or later will have to pay tax on $500,000 or $600,000! Does that seem like a good deal to you?
  3. Fees can eat up one third or more of your potential income. Remember that fees are cumulative. While 2% (401k fees PLUS Mutual fund fees) may not seem like much when you put in your first contribution, but how about when it has grown? 2% of $150,000 is $3000.00!
  4. Your IRA or 401k is a pot of money that use for your retirement. That money is still at risk unless it is placed in low interst rate "safe" vehicles. You can run out of money.

Why is the alternative a better meithod?

  1. Risk: With the 401k you will get a great share of the upside when the market goes up. When it goes down, you lose nothing. Upside potential with a guarantee of no losses! Over time, the alternative will outperform the markets because you avoid market downturns.
  2. Income tax: With the alternative, you pay the taxes as you put money it. It will grow TAX FREE and you access it TAX FREE. Over a lifetime, you will save tens or even thousands of  tax dollars.
  3. Fees. While the fees for the alternative are higher in the beginning, (when savings are low) after a few years the 401k or  IRA greatly pass up the alternative cumulative amounts,  so that over a lifetime you pay much less fees. And with the alternative, you get something for your fees other than a Holiday card. You get a death benefit to your heirs (also tax free)
  4. The retirement income you recieve will last for as long as you live. You don't take money from your "pot" of money. INstead you borrow from the death benefit, and that will be repaid when you pass. There wo;; sto;; be some benefit left fof your heirs!

Since there is Life Insurance involved, do I have to qualify?

Yes, but unless you are totally uninsurable it will still be the best option you have. Worst case scenario is that you will have less death benefit, and the payout to heirs could be over a period of time, rather than all at once. Otherwise, we have access to many new high return annuities that can be part of a ROTH IRA and you will still have a decent return, save on taxes, and have an income for life!

Am I too young or too old to benefit from the alternative?

Yes and No! You are never too young to start. While the younger you start start saving will mean more income per dollar contribution, you will always get a better deal. If you are within a few years of retirement, we would have to make some adjustments to get the best advantage for you and your heirs.

If I start young and can only afford a small premium, can I add to it later?

Yes - for sure. There are two ways to go. You can plan ahead and we design the plan for future increases: i.e start with $100,00 per month, plan to put in $200 a month in a couple of years. Not a problem if you don't quite make it. You won't lose anything. 

The second way is to prepare with   Supplementary  inexpensive term insurance that can be converted into the program. You can also just get more coverage. There are rules to follow as part of the IRS codes, but they are easy to follow., and we will make sure that you are protected!

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